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If you’re in business you need to be in AWE

Join AWE business networking and benefit from being part of a supportive and vast business community who are motivated to help YOU succeed.

You can attend our hybrid networking meetings online AND in person – whichever is more convenient – and they are a great way to forge new relationships and gain new leads/clients.

In addition, AWE offers a wealth of free advice and tools to help you promote your business.

Your first two sessions are completely FREE… See you on the inside.

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Would you like an amazing Online Presence?​

AWE networking is partly run by an SEO geek which means if you take advantage of having us craft your own dynamic profile on the AWE Networking site,


then it may well rank higher on Google than your own business website.

As well as increased brand exposure, having your profile as part of our site carries other advantages:

• Other members have much more than a telephone number to pass to interested parties, meaning that referrals have a greater chance of resulting in a sale.

• As part of AWE Networking’s own marketing strategy we are directing the people you’d most like to do business with toward our site. A simple search will take them directly to your profile.

• Our Level three members can also benefit from more of a proactive marketing push in which we will directly contact the people that you’d like to make contact with and give them the opportunity to engage with your online profile on our site.

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The next stage in your business journey

Whilst our ever-growing business community will always be our (and your) strongest asset, AWE provides a number of exclusive services designed to help you grow your brand:


So much more than a sixty second pitch.

Ours is sixty-one. Joking, of course. You get as much time as you need to pitch your business to other members during our networking meetings AND behind the scenes our research team take a careful note of whom you’d like to make contact with, and provided they would benefit from being part of our network we find and contact those people/organizations on your behalf.

Learn from expert entrepreneurs and business leaders

“If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants”
Sir Isaac Newton

Every month AWE Networking members have the opportunity to learn from and question special guests who have thrived in the world of business and are willing to share their knowledge.


Accelerate with AWE

Accelerate with AWE is a focus group led by an award winning business mentor, in which you are helped throughout your business journey.

You are provided with exactly the right advice and tools that you need to stay accountable and achieve your business goals.

The other businesses in this focus group are amazingly supportive and offer a friendly hand whenever you need it.

There are so many more benefits to being a part of the AWE networking community, all of which can be accessed from the menu above.

Where is AWE Networking based?

AWE networking has bases all across the North East of England with groups in Newcastle, Durham, South Shields, Gateshead, Sunderland and Northumberland.

We are expanding our Network to include Leicester.

When it’s safe to do so, feel free to come along to our face to face meetings in any of these areas.

Because we operate a hybrid system you can virtually attend one or all of these different groups online too, which means you are no longer restricted by geography. 

Are you in AWE yet?

Remember your first two sessions are FREE (£5 if you are meeting in person and you’d like breakfast).

“We are stronger working together and we look forward to welcoming you into our ever-growing business community.”

Paul Greystoke and Rebecca Swales

Co-owners AWE Networking

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"Joining AWE networking has been one of my best decisions. I've gained business and met some great people"

"The AWE meetings so friendly and supportive - love being in touch with other women in business."

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