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We all work better together. With contacts and support from AWE networking we aim to ensure you have every opportunity to benefit from our ever-increasing range of business tools, training, advice, promotion as well as direct communication with people who can and will make a significant difference to your business cashflow and promotion.

What makes AWE networking different?

AWE networking set out to transform networking in the North East of England. 

AWE Networking is Here to Make a Real Difference to Your Business.

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Online Meetings​

Our virtual online meetings are only £5 to attend.
You can sit in the comfort of your own home or office and connect with entrepreneurs and business owners who will be passing you leads, much needed contacts and free business advice.

Face to Face Meetings

You’ve probably heard it said ‘It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.’ With the ever-increasing list of businesses that contribute to AWE Networking, we know A LOT of people! By connecting with our members, you become an essential part of our thriving business community.

Your success is our success and as well as all of the benefits listed on this page, our members always do their best to help make sure you have everything you want and need to make your business succeed.

AWE Networking have groups operating in Newcastle, South Shields, North Shields, Gateshead, Sunderland and Durham. Spaces are limited as we don’t allow competing services in our face to face events.
If you are placed on a waiting list then you can still take advantage of our online networking events, together with free tools and business training

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No Contracts

We want you to be a member of AWE only as long as you need our help and support. 

You are never tied into a contract and will always be welcome to take advantage of our free services and re-join provided there is a space available.

Business Contributions Will be Recognised but Not Forced

We value our member contributions and encourage contributions that help other members. 

Every member has the chance to state exactly what they are looking for at that time, and our members do what they can to make that happen. 

Each AWE networking meeting is run by a business facilitator who takes an inventory of what our members need and who/what assistance has been offered. 

We ask that you keep us informed of all the business that has passed (monetary and otherwise) so we can ensure that the group is always working in your best interest.

Recognise high achievers

Many of our businesses go out of their way to help other businesses realise their goals, and that dedication and commitment is recognised and rewarded.

Promoted Members Forum

As part of our commitment to connect you with your ideal clients and strategic partners AWE Networking have introduced the Promoted Members Forum.

This gives you your very own web space within our site.

As part of our own marketing efforts your ideal clients are directed toward this site where they are not just presented with a ‘directory style’ business name and address but your very own page complete with images, logo, business description and testimonials.

When other members have useful contacts or business for you, they can simply send that contact your business page together with a personal note of introduction.

With every piece of work that you complete, or help you give to another AWE member then adding a testimonial couldn’t be easier. They submit their testimonial on your page and after it has been moderated by us (and you) it goes live as yet another positive affirmation and reason why your potential client will buy from only you!

Ability to Join as More than One Business

Many entrepreneurs in the group have two or three business interests. 

AWE networking allows you to promote your secondary interests at no extra cost provided there isn’t another member already present in the group with that particular product or service being offered.

Lock your Competitors out from the Group you Join

Once you are a member of one of our regional groups then no other company offering the same product or service is permitted to join, meaning you benefit from 100% of the referrals offered by our members.

Regular Guest Q and A Sessions

Special guest contributors are invited to speak with our members in our Guest Q and A sessions. These are people who have achieved a recognised level of success in business and offer advice directly to our members.

Exclusive Discount Card

Our members provide fantastic products and services, and some have elected to opt into our discount scheme where other AWE members have the opportunity to take advantage of these products and services but at a discounted rate.
This helps keep business within the group and provides more opportunities for positive reviews and testimonials.

Free Business Tools and Advice

Every month AWE publishes free advice and tools that you can use in your business. These can be accessed and downloaded from our website.

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