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How to Write Sales Content Like the Top Accountancy Firms in the UK

What this blog will do for you

I’ve been a successful marketer for over twenty years, a published author and content writer / SEO consultant for fifteen years and I also hold a Masters in creative writing. I use my combined skills end experience to help you get the most from your own marketing efforts. This post will help you rank your accountancy website on the first page of Google and vastly increase your potential to attract new customers.

How many accountants are in the UK?

Currently there are more than 300,000 accountants in the UK. Cumulatively accountants contribute more than £52 billion towards the UK’s GDP as well as £9.9 billion in tax revenues.

What does this mean for your accountancy business?

On the face of it, as an accountant, you are entering a very crowded market place. People have more choice than they could ever need and you are competing with well-established and trusted firms.

On the flip side, people hire accountants because of their expert financial knowledge. They either don’t have the time or expertise to do it on their own.

Your potential clients have one basic need – They want to save money and reduce business taxes. Beyond that, they rely on your expert advice and in-depth knowledge to navigate the financial minefields for them.

Hiring an accountant can be looked at, as akin to taking on a business partner, such is the difference that you can make to their business. If someone is going to take you on as a lifelong business partner they need to know you are the right fit and that you can satisfy their needs on an emotional and on a practical level.

This means that your brand (your customer’s impression of you) must come across as both trusted and knowledgeable. ALL of your web copy and promotional content must communicate this.

Accountancy, the riches are in the niches

What do you specialize in?

What separates you from other accountants?

The best performing accountants rank high on Google and take the majority of your potential market share because they have content that speaks directly to a specific ‘type’ of customer.

Very often this content is location specific or speaks to a particular type of business or individual:

Coffee Shop Sign

3 Wise Bears accountants comes up on position one when I type:

‘best uk accountants for small business.’

If I were a small business owner based in London I would see that this firm is ranked number one in Google, which gives me reassurance that their advice is likely to be good. If it were not, people would not be visiting the site and they would certainly not be ranking so high.

Beyond this their content speaks directly to my emotive and practical wants and needs:

  • When I see ‘Accountants for Small Businesses’ as a title I immediately think ‘That’s me,’ and I am enthused to read on (knowing that the top ranking business for my search term won’t just offer a blanket service but will specialize in MY area of business).
  • They state that they are ‘chartered accountants’ which gives me further reassurance as they have an accreditation under a professional body.
  • They speak to me emotionally by underlining key emotive phrases that I would have already considered before taking the first steps to type my query into Google (helping, growth, personalized service, keep on top of my finances).
  • By stating that they are a ‘small accountancy firm’ (instead of trying to sound like the biggest firm on the planet) I see the firm as transparent and ‘worth trusting.’

The site also details emotive and practical benefits to me as a potential customer. What it does NOT do is give me an online CV on how wonderful they are and what schools they went to etc. (as a content writer and SEO specialist who has helped various accountancy firms I have seen this too many times, always with the same disastrous results). Remember your clients are looking for an accountant. They are looking for a firm to solve their financial problems not to find someone to worship!

When you scroll down the page there is something else that speaks to me as a small business owner:

‘Advice for Small Businesses’

Consider your sales funnel and don’t assume that site visitors are going to hire the first firm they find on Google. Some will be doing an initial search to see what is out there. They may be in the very early stages and therefore it could be a few months before they commit to hiring you.

By offering ‘advice’ (far less pushy than ‘buy from me now’) or giving something away for free you are more likely to stay in the mind of that web visitor, making it more likely that they will visit your site again before eventually engaging your services.

Notice the change of language here too. By including the personal pronouns ‘you’ and ‘your’ it will seem to your web visitor like you are speaking directly to them!

rouse chartered accountants rank number one for the search term ‘uk accountant for large business.’

It is important to note that this company did not show up for the search term ‘best uk accountants for small business.’ And 3 Bears don’t rank high for the search term ‘uk accountant for large business.’


Because they are targeting completely different types of customer, as such these customers have different wants and needs:

At rouse chartered accountants, it is clear that their customer base already have a wide experience of accountants and therefore would have more of an idea as to what they need from their accountant on a practical day to day level.

There are so many plus points in this simple section (example above), and contained within their site – so much so that I could do an entire workshop on why their content and page design works.

Here are a few of the obvious content tips:

  • It is an underused (but highly effective) content writing trick to have a Title in bold:

‘Accountants for large businesses’

Your conscious mind reads this right away. Your subconscious however, sees EVERYTHING and triggers your emotive brain to react favourably.

By displaying the page title ‘client stories’ and also a very favourable trust pilot rating in small letters above the title, you are presented with immediate social proof without detracting from your client journey.

  • Their very first paragraph evidences that they know you as a client and are therefore able to satisfy your next step forward.
  • As with the first firm, the use of personal pronouns invites the web visitor to engage personally with the company. Never underestimate the value of true human interaction – your content should always do this.
  • Notice also that they don’t take an entire page to sing their accolades. They give you just enough information so you have no doubt as to their capability to satisfy your needs. This small section even though it is self-congratulatory still highlights benefits to you, the client!

As this firm is speaking to people who are more likely to have a clear and defined idea of what they want from their chosen accountancy firm they know that potential clients are going to be typing specific key phrases into Google.

They have done their homework and list those services on the home page, with a link leading to the specific page that helps end users make an informed decision based on that query.


One of the main reasons this company is ranking so highly is because they have a blog with regular posts going out that answer potential client needs.

These posts are indexed by Google and are rewarded site authority meaning they are more likely to show up on the first page of Google for a variety of search phrases.

  1. Having a blog sets you up as a professional and as a trusted expert in your field.
  2. Because of the informal nature of blogs you are also seen as approachable.
  3. The latest stats indicate that web users are thirteen times more likely to click on your site (and use you) if you have a regular blog.

This company is far from perfect

Good news for you is that even though there are many things you can learn from this company, they could actually be doing more. From a search engine (SEO) and content point of view they could be bringing in even more clients.

They have pages that could use a good deal more keyword specific content and there are some very basic Search engine fixes that would increase their customer engagement almost instantly.

There isn’t room in this post to cover all of the fixes that they could employ but if you would like a FREE no obligation report on what you can do to make the most of your site there is a form at the foot of the page. You will have a detailed report that covers your site aesthetic, content and SEO within 48 hours.

By speaking to a specific niche you are increasing your chances of vastly increasing your click through rate and customer engagement. But what if you offer services to a variety of different customers?

The 80/20 accountancy principle.

Look at your current client base and divide them up into categories (for example industry sector). You will probably find that a large proportion of your income comes from a particular category. Make that category your main selling point and speak directly to clients who are interested in this.

From my experience I’ve found that 80% of an accountants work tends to come from around 20% of their client base. Identify your 20% and use this as a starting point. This does not mean you ignore your other services, they are just not as prominent as your main source of income and your content should reflect this.

I hope this post has helped. If you have any specific queries relating to your own accountancy business I’d be happy to help.


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