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How to Write Sales Content Like the Top Virtual Assistants in the North East

What this blog will do for you

If you are a virtual assistant then this post will help you create content that will rank your business website on the first page of Google and vastly increase your potential to attract new customers.

I’ve been a successful marketer for over twenty years, a published author and content writer / SEO consultant for fifteen years and I also hold a Masters in creative writing. I use my combined skills end experience to help you get the most from your own marketing efforts.


How many virtual assistants are in the UK?

The number of virtual assistants in the UK has increased to approximately 3,500 members working for more than 13,500 small businesses.  The majority of the virtual assistants in the North East are women (97%) according to the society of virtual assistants. It is reasonable to assume that the total number of virtual assistants in the North East and in the UK is actually bigger that the figures stated, as the documentation available only lists SVA accredited members.


What does this mean for your virtual assistant service in 2021?

Covid19 and resulting redundancies have seen a dramatic rise in skilled workers with transferrable skills enter the virtual assistant marketplace.

This means, on the face of it, if you are a virtual assistant, then you are entering a very crowded marketplace.

The good news is that the benefits to a SME of hiring a good virtual assistant can make a dramatic difference to their performance and productivity.  For the successful virtual assistant you are much more than a temp – which is often confused – you can become an integral and often irreplaceable part of the company for which you work.

If you want to stand out amongst your competition then you need to niche down your service to appeal to your ideal customer. Your content will need to attract your customers on an emotive level as well as a practical one.


Potential customers land on your site because they need help. They are probably drowning in a backlog of commitments and paperwork, and they need someone to help organize and perform some of the time consuming tasks – freeing them up to concentrate on the business direction and do the essential job that they actually enjoy.


Technology and the Virtual Assistant.

Recent lockdowns have forced the business world into an increased reliance on technology to survive. Virtual assistants had already adapted to providing their service in the online world, meaning time sensitive tasks as well as other application based services are already catered for which, can only make the SME’s life easier.

If you can niche your offering to appeal to your ideal clients, intertwining their emotive and practical needs to point toward you as the natural solution to their business problems, then you can benefit significantly for the increased demand in your service.


Why is Web Copy Important as a Virtual Assistant?

It takes a web user on average, 50 milliseconds to form an opinion of your website. If you don’t speak to your clients immediately with something that shows that you understand them, their goals and your ability to help them, they will simply click off and you will have needlessly lost a potential client.

If your web copy appeals to your potential clients and your site has a lot of interaction then you have a much greater chance of ranking at number one in Google.

There is a lot of competition amongst individuals and companies offering a virtual assistant service in the UK (and the highest level being in London).

When I look at writing content for a client, I investigate arenas in which people are standing apart from the greatest competition, and then learn from the content and marketing strategies that they employ. currently ranks number one for a highly competitive search term:

‘Virtual assistant London’

Great news – for you – here, is that the top-ranking site is not taking advantage of some very basic SEO (search engine optimization) techniques. This means if you do, then it is an easy win for you!

Look at the description below under Emilia Powell’s website.


Meta Description on a Virtual Assistants Website:

As well as the copy – as seen on the front end of the site –  a key factor in ranking on Google is to have an appropriate meta description so when people see your site listed amongst all the other possibilities they will have an immediate indication as to how you (rather than the other companies) can help them.

If companies do not provide a meta description, then Google will simply take text from the site and display that, which in the case of Emelia Powell’s site is sadly lacking in compelling copy:

If you need help with SEO elements on your site fill in the form at the foot of the page and I’ll give you a free web audit so you know what to do with your site to increase your chances of getting to the top of Google.


Aesthetic of the virtual assistants website

I get quite excited when I see a top ranking website that has many obvious areas for improvement because I know that with the right background SEO work and compelling copy, my clients can overtake them with relative ease.

Aside from the Blog and podcast pages the whole site is one sales page. When a user clicks a menu option the site simply scrolls down to the relevant section. There are SEO reasons why this is not a good idea and the scope of this blog post is such that we won’t go into that. Suffice to say that is another element that if fixed would significantly help competing websites overtake this one.


What do you suppose is wrong with the opening title on this site?

‘Remote assistance for London’s brightest and best.’

Steve Jobs frequently speaks the language of his customers, which is why so many people feel a synergy with and buy into Apple products.

This site however has used a title tag to display something that no business owner would be typing into Google. This means they are missing out on Google ranking points.  Consider what your customers would be typing into Google to find you (other than your company name of course).


Virtual Assistants’ web copy that works

Let’s look at the first paragraph:

Having a title tag displayed as simply:


‘Who we are’


… is a waste of a title. Had the tag included a keyword or two then Google would be able to give the page more authority. Something like:


‘Who are Emilia Powell Virtual Assistants?’


… would work much better.


The text that follows looks like it has been written on a word document, centre aligned and simply pasted on the site. If I were looking to hire a virtual assistant, this alone would be enough to turn me off.

As a content writer I am less enamoured by cumbersome sentences that lack flow too:

‘We provide some of London’s most exciting and influential small businesses with a dedicated and experienced extra pair of hands, leaving their people free to do what they do best.’ 

Though on the positive side, this is a clear attempt to show social proof and entice business owners to join the exclusive list of ‘exciting and influential’ businesses that they work with. It also suggests that they are selective about the clients that they work with.

There is also a call to action at the end of the section. It is not an attractive looking call to action however and it is very subtle.

After another messy text section I am presented with this little gem!

The title is an instruction and speaks directly to me as a business owner. It confirms that I am working too hard and getting nowhere. It also offers a solution:


Work Smarter.


It then details how using Emelia Powell is a great example of ‘working smarter.’

The section ends with an appropriate call to action (hard to believe it’s part of the same site).

The section above stands out initially for the lack of care placed in the presentation. The boxes side by side are of different sizes and the resulting call to action ‘find out more’ is also on three different levels. This looks messy and may put off potential clients – the assumption being if they can’t format their own site and make it look professional can I trust them with my promotional material?

‘Find out more’ does not lead to a keyword rich page it simply links to a contact page. They are missing another huge opportunity here to speak directly to their customers with information that they want and stay up in the Google ranking.


Why is Emotion Important in Virtual Assistants web copy?


As a content writer I do a fair amount of research into the human brain and what triggers an end user to commit to a purchase decision.

According to professor Steve Peters (The Chimp Paradox), the brain is divided into three sections:

  1. The emotion
  2. The practical
  3. Data store

The emotional part of the brain is ALWAYS the part that makes the initial decision. How many times have you landed upon a website that you hated the look of but decided to read on anyway? As long as there are alternatives, I would guess almost never.

Once you have been sold on a product or service emotionally then your brain will look to the practical part of your brain to support your buying decision. In some cases you are so emotionally charged that even if it doesn’t make financial sense, you purchase the item anyway!

As virtual assistants you are selling a dream of freedom and peace of mind, knowing that with your help your clients will be able to concentrate on the jobs that they love doing.

Once you sell them on the dream then you can continue on to provide the practical reasons as to why you are the logical choice.


Virtual Assistants Blog


This site is living proof of how effective a blog can be in helping you rank high on Google. It is almost a certainty that without the blog and podcast sections of this site then it would never reach the first page, let alone rank at number one!

If you want your website to rank on the first page of Google, you NEED a regular blog.

  1. Having a blog sets you up as a trusted expert in your field.
  2. Because of the informal nature of blogs you are also seen as approachable.
  3. The latest stats indicate that web users are thirteen times more likely to click on your site (and use you) if you have a regular blog.


As a final note I will say that there are so many barriers that potential clients will have to trusting their business admin to you. If you can break down those barriers and create a synergy before they even speak with you then their resistance to using you will be minimal.


I hope this post has helped. If you have any specific queries relating to your own virtual assistant business I’d be happy to help.


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