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How to Get Your North East Business to the Top of Google – Part Two

What this post will do for your North East business and your Google ranking

This series of posts is designed to give you easy steps to help your site rank on Google, not just on the first page but at position one!

Last Week we discussed the pro’s and cons of being on the top spot of Google and started to look at what Google needs to see to be persuaded to improve your visibility on the nations most visited search engine.

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How to Get Your North East Business to the Top of Google – Part One

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Right, let’s dig in…


Why is text important to your website?

If you want to see your website ranking improve rather quickly, one of the easiest ways to do this is to add more keyword rich and helpful text. This will help your potential clients become more emotionally involved with your brand and help them make a more informed buying decision.

One of the most frequent fears I hear from my clients regarding the text content – specifically with a site that is more image focused – is that they don’t want to ruin the aesthetic of the site by adding more text.

There are two main reasons why adding more text content can only be a good strategy:

  1. Sites that achieve top ranking on Google generally have a 25% to 70% Text to HTML ratio. Google still places a huge importance on your text when determining your site relevance and how far up the Google ranking you should be.
  2. You are the expert in your field and your customers rely on your expertise to inform their buying decision. Imagine you are an ecommerce website selling cleaning products and you have a picture of a product, complete with the product name and price (and that is all).


Unless a web user is already familiar with your product and is ready to buy, there is absolutely no information there to help them make an informed buying decision. There are also no emotive triggers detailing what your product will do for them.


Show your products in their best light, increase user engagement, rise up the Google ranking and make more money – simple!


A side note – get to know Google.

When I first started researching SEO and Google back in 2011 I found it helpful to think of Google as a wannabe human, desperate to grasp the intricacies of human communication.

Google is continually improving its algorithms to serve the millions of human users that type queries into it every day. To be the best, it needs to understand what you want when you enter a search term. Google also needs to judge whether or not the results it has shown you satisfy your needs. To do this it looks at the words that you use in your query and show you websites that seem to best fit.

Google also tracks user engagement as well as time spent on a site for every single search phrase to determine user behavior when linked to a specific phrase.

i.e. Do web users log onto a site, become engaged and interact with the site or do they ignore the listing? Or, do they log on, see that it is not what they want and immediately leave?

Google uses these metrics among others to determine which sites deserve top billing (only one of the above scenarios would be looked upon favourably by Google).



Google Local – Is your customer base in a specific location?

Many North Eastern businesses for example ONLY (or predominantly) want customers from the Northeast. If this is the case then Google’s map listing can be of tremendous benefit. Remember, Google will be showing you the most relevant results based on your search. That way you will come back to Google when you have another query instead of another search engine.


So, if I type in:


Personal trainers north east


 I don’t expect to see results coming in from London.

I am immediately presented with a plethora of local results, complete with map listing, contact details and a link to the Personal Trainer’s website of my choice.


Advertise on other people’s web sites.

I’m going to assume that your endgame is to continually convert web users into customers who are buying your products or using your service. By having another website promoting your wares and perhaps linking to your site you have something very powerful both from a Google ranking perspective and from a PR standpoint:

PR – It’s not what you say about yourself but what others say about you that makes the real difference. Think about it. You can stand on the roof of your office block with a megaphone, shouting:

“Buy from me. I’m great!”


You can have a trusted authority that many people know, say:

“Buy from them, they’re great!”

Which one has carries the greatest incentive to buy?


Google – Google rewards well performing businesses (in terms of click through and customer engagement whilst the user is on your site) and will notice when a relevant high ranking domain has seen fit to link to their website to yours.


Lets type in a different, but popular local phrase:


The best personal trainers in the north east

Right at the top we see not an individual personal trainer’s website but a third party website that performs a specific search for you and delivers appropriate local results.

If a high volume of authoritative and relevant sites see fit to link to your site then Google will reward your site with increased ranking.

Notice I said authoritative and relevant.

In this day and age, we still have cowboy companies promising ‘x’ number of links to your site in return for cash. Don’t be taken in by this. It is not the number but the quality of links that will earn you ranking points. If anything, a high volume of links from irrelevant sites will actually do you more harm, both from a customer acquisition and a Google ranking standpoint.

It is also important to note that the amount of ranking points you get from another site linking to yours is dependent upon the number of links on that site that are also going to other people’s websites.

If your site is the only outgoing web link on an authoritative and relevant site, then you benefit from 100% of Google’s allocated web-ranking points. If your link is on a page with 1,000 links to other sites – well, you do the math.

A strategy I often use with my clients is to seek out high performing (but non competing) websites and suggest a strategic partnership whereby they provide my client with a promotion and a link to their site and my client repays them in kind, perhaps with money off a service or promotion on their social media channels.


Get your facts right

If you are making particular claims or documenting specific stats on your website, beware. Google are socially responsible and do check facts, particularly when that information impacts the end users quality of life or financial stability. I won’t go into how exactly they do this because that could easily be a post in its own right, and unless you’re an SEO geek like me you may not find it as interesting.

So, if you can’t back up your claim, don’t make it. If you do Google are unlikely to rank it.

I hope this post has helped. If you have any specific queries relating to your own  business content and ranking, I’d be happy to help.


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