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How the Right Keyword Research Can Take Your North East Business to the Top of Google

This is the third in a series of posts, designed to help you supercharge your website, rank at position one on Google and captivate site visitors – compelling them to become firm customers and your very own shining brand advocates.

Last week we explored Google Local, the advantages of third party websites and the importance of getting your facts right. We also touched upon effective P.R. and user intent.

If you missed last week’s blog you can access it here:

How to Get Your North East Business to the Top of Google – Part Two

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This week we will be looking more closely at user intent and how – by selecting the right keywords – you will gain a distinct advantage over your competition and move relatively quickly to the top of Google.


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Finding the best performing keywords for your website

We have touched upon keywords in our previous post, now here is why they are so important:

Google receives millions of searches every day, and companies / individuals are competing to reach that acclaimed top spot for their particular keywords.

Provided you have selected the right keywords and people engage with your site then you will enjoy the 38.7% of traffic that you can receive.

Just to put that into context, when I type a geographically specific search phrase into Google:

Wedding photographer north east

I see the following results:

Danny Birrlell photography (position 1) receives an estimated 6,233 site visits per month!

To demonstrate exactly how to find and insert the right keywords for your product or service I’m going to take a site that is not ranking at all on the first five pages of Google and I’m going to prove to Google that it deserves to be placed not just on the first page but at number one – money where your mouth is right?

Depending upon how competitive the keywords you want to rank for are, the time taken to reach the top spot can take six to nine months, though many results are seen much sooner. I’ve placed some of my clients on the top spot within 24 hours.

The site we’re aiming to place on the top of Google –

As well as being a content writer and an SEO geek I am also a published author and my pen name is P.J. Greystoke.

When I type my name into Google I dominate the first page:

Impressive and job done, I’ve reached the top of Google?

Not really. To reach the top of Google for your own name isn’t a great feat.

If someone types ‘pj greystoke’ into Google then you can be fairly sure they have already heard of me (hence my exact name being entered). Unless my name was very generic or it was JK Rowling or Stephen King I would expect to be ranking fairly high on Google.

I expect the same to be true if I were to enter one of my book titles:

I am already in the first three positions. This is great if someone knows my name or the works I have created but what if I type in:

Horror author / Dark sci fi author / Great dark sci fi books / horror stories

I am nowhere to be seen.

So, my aim is to be showing up at number one on the SERPS (search engine results pages) when someone types in search terms related to the types of work that I create. There are a few things that need to be done to make this a possibility and implementing the right keyword strategy is definitely one the most important.

As I take you through my process, you take a pen and paper and repeat the process but relate it to your own business.


Stage 1 – Find your seed keywords.

Spend some time compiling a list of ‘seed’ keywords. These are the keywords that come to your mind when you describe exactly what your business does. In past posts I have warned against baffling your copy with industry specific jargon, but for now, it is fine. Not everyone knows what an SEO consultant is but it does describe part of what I do in my professional life.


So, as an author my seed keywords might be:

  • Horror author
  • Dark sci fi author
  • Dark sci fi audiobooks
  • Horror audiobooks
  • Dark sci fi stories
  • Horror stories


Stage 2 – Enter keywords like you were your own customer

This is the section where you put yourself in the mind of your customer. Steve Jobs once commented that if you could not describe your business in simple terms then you either don’t know your business well enough or you don’t know your customers.

A good exercise can be to build up your own client avatar. This is where you get to know your ideal client. When you understand what makes your clients tick, then communicating with them becomes much more straightforward.

I’ve borrowed the following image from to give you an idea of what you can place in your client avatar:

Based on my research, my client avatar would be more likely to find my stories by using the following phrases:

  • Science fiction stories online
  • Scary horror stories
  • Psychological thrillers
  • Scary audiobook
  • Horror story on Kindle
  • Horror story paperback
  • Free horror story
  • Free sci-fi story
  • Download dark sci-fi story


If you find yourself stuck getting into the mind of your customer there are a few things you can do:

  1. If you know someone who you would describe as your ‘ideal’ customer (make sure they are not partners or employees to avoid the tech speak) then ask him or her what HE OR SHE would type into Google to find you.
  2. Join groups on social media that cover the ‘type’ of business that you do and take a careful note of the language that they use.
  3. Google predictive text – When you type a phrase into the search engine then Google will offer up suggestions. These words can be quite useful as they are based on actual Google searches.

Right, that’s stage 1 done. Next week we’ll take the keywords you have come up with and how to use some great online – and FREE – tools to take those keywords and turn them into something that your customers will really engage with and will persuade Google to push you up to the top spot.


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Till next time

Paul Greystoke

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