How to Write Great Sales Content Like… Apple – Part Two

Welcome to the second instalment in our ‘How To write Content’ series from AWE Networking.

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This post follows our last, in which I divulged some of the Apple sales secrets by dissecting a part of their iPhone 12 web page. If you missed that one I’d suggest you read it before continuing with this one:

How to Write Great Sales Content Like… Apple – Part One

Even though you may not be an experienced marketer, professional content writer or SEO expert, you can get the most from your sales pages by increasing your click through rates, customer conversions and rising to the top of Google.



The greatest companies on the planet tell you how to do it every day (not intentionally, of course). They have no choice – because they want to be affluent market leaders they need to produce the very best sales pages, which are readily available for us to see whenever we please.


The Good News…

If you know what you’re looking for, you can take the best practices from those well performing companies and use them to dramatically increase your own marketing efforts. And that’s what this blog is here for.


Let’s Take Another Bite of the Apple Website

After the impressive opening that we looked at in our last post, Apple’s job became rather simple:

They had to take us on a journey, referencing the emotive elements present in the iPhone 12 that we ALREADY desired, way before the iPhone 12 was even conceived. 

They do this by offering YOU an immediate status upgrade. By the time you have finished reading their sales page you know that by owning an iPhone 12 you will be part of an exclusive and powerful community, one that has a true taste of the future.


When I have / do this, then I will be good enough!

Most of us do it. You only have to scan through social media these days to find an eclectic mix of posts from a populous that clearly is unhappy with the lives that they are living. The two main threads that these posts take are either defeatist (I hate my life right now) or optimistic (hang in there, surely the future will be better).

It’s no accident that Apple’s pages take advantage of this by offering you, the consumer, a better future – now!

Before you say:

‘It’s easy for Apple; they can deliver on those promises. I’m in a completely different market sector’

Consider this…

Take away all their emotive hyperbole and you are left with a business that wants to sell you a phone. That’s it!


TakeAway – Research your customers properly and extend your research to include those emotional elements that we crave more than others. Then weave those elements into your copy.

So what elements in the Apple iPhone 12 inspire us to believe we can own brighter future?

The iPhone 12 sales page is littered with them, but here are a few that stood out:

I know what you’re thinking:


‘That could be quite useful, as I’m an astronaut!’


Enough said.

It made me smile. Then again, it’s supposed to. Apple want to know you are smiling. After all, a happy customer is a paying customer. And hats off to them, they managed make a pun from a scientific formula. It is taken for granted that scientific breakthroughs and our idea of what the future should be, are virtually inseparable.

Using the one scientific formula (H20) that most of us are aware of is a neat trick too. Subliminally it makes us feel intelligent enough and therefore perfectly qualified to own this piece of iTec.

NaOH + HCL wouldn’t have the same effect.

(That’s the formula for seawater, by the way).


TakeAway – Don’t be afraid to make your audience smile. Not so much that it detracts from the integrity of your offering, but a short pun as in the one above is perfectly acceptable.

The Star Wars pop culture reference is not accidental here. There is a well-researched correlation between science fiction fans and iPhone users.

To enjoy and become engaged in Star Wars does not require you to understand exactly how a Lightsaber works, or fully understand the technical specifications of the Millennium Falcon. Nor do you need to intimately understand the inner workings of the iPhone 12 to marvel at its brilliance whilst using it day by day.

Strange as it may sound, you don’t WANT to know exactly what scientific elements go to make up the iPhone 12, no more than you would want to uncover the secrets behind the work of an acclaimed illusionist.


Too much knowledge comes at a cost, and that cost is the loss of the childlike wonder that you feel when you are presented with a ‘magic’ trick.  If you lose the sense of wonder behind your phone purchase, then that purchase loses its emotional charge and becomes a simple commodity purchase. Certainly not something you’d queue up for.

A quick note on the phrase used in this segment:


‘Welcome to the Dark Side’


It’s a clever way to justify you spending rather a lot of money even if you cant really afford to.

Let’s face it; you can buy a phone elsewhere much cheaper, that will still perform all of the ‘essential’ phone functions that you would ever need.  That line is the culinary equivalent of a little horned angel sitting on your shoulder offering you a tub of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream:

‘Go on… break the rules, indulge yourself and take a spoonful.’

We might all route for the heroes in the movies we see, but there’s no escaping the pleasure that the bad guys seem to get from causing complete chaos and destruction.

Since Apple has introduced the idea of a ‘wrong or guilty pleasure’ they have followed it with text speak that presents 5G as nothing short of orgasmic OMGGGGG (sex still sells). This feeds into the natural human want to be desirable and attractive.


Text Speak

We all know what OMG means, and most of us use it. I know I do (though I do draw the line at ROTFL). If Apple habitually uses the same phrases as their customers, then they automatically develop an automatic synergy or feeling of ‘oneness’ with them.


Final TakeAway – Speak the language of your customers, make them feel like they are speaking to a trusted friend – a friend, who has the power to dramatically improve quality of their life (relevant to your offering).

I hope you have enjoyed this post and found it useful.

I have omitted many elements in order to condense Apple’s secrets into these two blog posts. Feel free to use the tips and tricks explored to transform your own web content and promotional literature.

Join us for the next in the series, where more secret tips and tricks from industry leaders will be revealed to make your content have customers falling over themselves to use your service and inspire Google to rank you at number one.

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