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Meet Joanne Meade


Joanne has been a valued member of AWE Networking since April 2019 when we first launched our member meetings and is a Business Growth Mentor.

She has combined her extensive knowledge of business marketing and promotion, with years of social and scientific research to help businesses quickly and cost effectively build long-term sales and profits.

Like many early entrepreneurs, Joanne started her working life at the age of 12, rising at 6am to deliver newspapers, every morning before school.

She’d often scour the jobs section, seeking out positions with the highest pay and set her sights on reaching those heights. Even at such an early age, Joanne believed that anything and everything was achievable with hard work and dedication.

Her first ‘real’ job was in a call centre for a company called Citi Financial. The pay wasn’t great but Joanne welcomed the chance to learn how to operate in a fast paced environment, meeting targets and learning how to communicate effectively with co-workers and customers to achieve her goals.

In a time when many people were being laid off, Joanne’s boss became very impressed with her work ethic and the impressive questioning skills that she had developed. She was asked to put her new skills to work in a different department – though she was nervous, this was an opportunity that she willingly embraced.

Market conditions dictated that Joanne was soon to be made redundant from Citi Financial and she moved to Keith Pattinson as a home worker. It was at this time Joanne started to be a prolific networker.

After only one year, Joanne was offered her own branch to manage, but her sights were set elsewhere. Joanne had a burning desire to run her own business and use that business to help others.

She set up a company called ‘Precious Time’ in which, as a virtual assistant, Joanne took on all the laborious administrative and sales jobs that companies desperately needed to be done but couldn’t afford to pay someone to do full time.

The business was an overwhelming success. Joanne’s networking skills together with her trustworthy reputation and dedication to help was growing in the business community.

She made many new contacts, all of whom wanted her to work in partnership with them to help manage their establishments and help grow their brands.

Joanne rose to each and every challenge, part running and working with organisations such as Launchpad Homes and Castle Dean Homes.

A contact at Castle Dean Homes, also an entrepreneur, decided to buy a run down pub (in a less desirable area) called the Jester. He approached Joanne and asked if she would take over the running of the property and help it generate money.

Reluctantly Joanne agreed. The residents informed her that if the pub windows had not been smashed within a few days of her arrival then she had been accepted.

Quite proudly she said that when she was head hunted by Camerons to leave and run the Office pub in South Shields the windows of the Jester had remained intact.

Like the Jester pub, The Office presented a whole new set of challenges, which again, she rose to.

It was while she was in this position that Joanne – who had always cooked her own food – spotted a gap in the market for healthy gluten free food. She launched the Guilt Free Kitchen, offering healthy take away and delivery food.

Both the council and other establishments (such as the Powerhouse gym in South Shields) saw the huge potential in this and bought into the idea, using the Guilt Free Kitchen to provide nutritional healthy food for their patrons.

When it came time for Joanne to leave The Office pub, Joanne was presented with the opportunity to purchase The Sundial, a beautiful and expansive pub on the sea front.

As well as turning the fortunes of this establishment, Joanne has continued engage in business partnerships that help the business community, hospitality sector and even formed another business – with a fellow AWE member and trained NLP coach – called  ‘Magical Mega Minds’ which helps children with self esteem issues to overcome difficulties and realize their potential.

Joanne’s work to date has culminated in the formation of Edge Business Mentoring. She uses all of her experience and reams of tested scientific research to help businesses focus upon their ‘zone of genius’ and successfully promote their brand, increase their sales and get the same joy from business that she has accumulated over the years.

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